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Welcome to Antyodoy Anath Ashram

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Antyodoy Anath Ashram is an orphanage located in the village of

Paushi, in the district of East Midnapore. It was established in 1995.

Our journey started with a single destitute child whom we found by the

roadside. With time the number of children grew and we were bound to

leave our house and stay in the ashram, including me, my wife and my

own daughter. Our fellowmen in the village helped us to their very

extent to run the orphanage and I had sold off my entire property and

belongings for this singular goal and the mission of my life; to give

these homeless, parentless children a place to call home. But with the

number of new members our family has started growing exponentially and

a situation came where we were no longer able to bear this cross

anymore. Soon, even after selling some of his property, he was forced

to beg from the people of nearby villages. Many of his benefactors

were farmers, who themselves were poor. They still helped me to their

fullest capabilities. In 2004, I said in a newspaper article how there

were 136 families in his and 8 other villages near his village. He

used to keep earthen pots by the doors of every house each morning.

All he asked for was a few handfuls of rice for his children.

Meanwhile an article was published in Bengali newspaper Ananda Bazar

Patrika ( 14th June2004), and being informed about our situation a

number of good Samaritans stepped in and their philanthropic endeavors

and donations saved us for the time being. However our family is still

growing with a staggering number of 88 children with 44 boys and 44

girls presently. The ashram has helped improve the lives of all the

villagers and many other village children by establishing a school,

improving the infrastructure of the village and arranging for regular

medical check-up facilities, among others. The orphans of the ashram

attend regular school, and they also continue with higher education.

They are also given training for fine arts, yoga, and computers so

that they can be vocationally independent later in their lives.

Eligible girls and boys are married off by the ashram. We express our

deep sense of gratitude to all those contributors and sympathizers who

by their donations help us to run the Anath Ashram smoothly.

As you are aware that due to rise in prices of every goods and also

due to increase in the number of orphan children, the expenses are

rising for almost on every item every month. With the result

shopkeepers /vendors are insisting for regular payment every month or

else at times they are stopping our supply of food stuff etc.

Shopkeepers /suppliers are insisting for regular payment every month

which we are unable to make.

        Keeping in view the above constrain, we have been advised by

some kind donors to evolve a scheme of sponsorships of the children.

Under this scheme if the donor who wishes to sponsor one or two

children will make the contribution of equivalent amount monthly on

regular basis. To carry out these activities, the Ashram requires a

lot of financial aid. We would be grateful if you extend your


                                      With Regards,

                                      Balaram Karan


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