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1.  Salientactivities of Antyodoy Anath Ashram :


            i.    The orphanage :

Thejourney of Antyodoy Anath Ashram is truly a fascinating one.

Thejourney that started about 25 years back, through the emotional act of a localinhabitant, Sri Balaram Karan, by giving shelter to a hapless child of a nearbylocality, has culminated to today’s Antyodoy Anath Ashram, an orphanage perexcellence, where a good number of destitute children are being brought upunder the watchful eyes of the ashram management.

·  Till date, 156children have been brought up here and at present there are 72 orphans/destitutechildren residing in the ashram.


·  The orphanage, whichwas set up sometime in 1995 at Paunsi, a remote village in Purba Medinipur, wasregistered in the year 2004 under the West Bengal Societies Registration Act’1961.



·  Apart from theregular academic courses, the children also learn music, dance,drawing/painting etc. in the ashram. Some of them are also acquiringprofessional skills. Many of them are academically brilliant and under theguidance of the ashram management, have been pursuing higher education too.


·  Consistent effortsare there from the ashram authorities to ensure safety & security of theinmates, high level of hygiene and cleanliness in the premises, healthy bodies &healthy minds of the children.



·  It was a great honourfor us when, impressed by the excellent ambience of the ashram and also thefacilities available here, the CWC set up their local unit in the ashrampremises only. This has significantly facilitated our day to day interactionswith the CWC and also enhanced our understanding about our role and responsibilitieswith respect to CWC. (Photographs of the orphanage, Felicitation of thefounder.



Ø  Some of the key focusareas of the Orphanage :


·   Health of the children :


Recognizingthe importance of a healthy body during the growing period of children weensure cleanliness of the total premises and also try to inculcate theimportance of cleanliness and hygiene in the children’s minds.


To ensurehygienic cooking and dining we have built a well-designed cooking area/dininghall that was financed by M/s. L&T as part of their CSR Program. (Photographof the dining hall.


We havebuilt underground drainage and sewage system with financial assistance from theDept. of Indirect Taxes & Customs, Govt. of India.


Childrenhave daily outdoor play/exercise sessions to improve their physique.          


We addtop priority in meeting the needs of children with medical conditions.


·   Schooling & Education :

Schooling and education of thechildren are of utmost importance to us. We try our best to ensure that all thechildren go to school and prosper academically.

We arrange for special coachingof the inmates by appointing experienced tutors to assist them beyond theschool hours.

We also recognize and appreciatewhenever they perform well in their studies/exams.

Believing that books are our bestfriends, we encourage the children to develop habit of reading books outsidethe syllabus also.

We also try to help them inpursuing professional courses so that they can be self-reliant when they becomeadults.



·   Healthy minds for a bright India :


Webelieve that while a healthy body is a basic requirement, a healthy mind is farmore important for a bright future of our country.


Todevelop a healthy mind the children go through a routine of prayer andmeditation, daily. 


Wearrange for quiz and discussions on topics that would create interest among thechildren and ignite their desire to learn.


Wecelebrate the birthdays of all great Indians and use these occasions to spreadtheir ideas and teachings.


We makethe children participate in cultural programs like dramas, dancing and music.With help of benevolent persons or organisations such programs are sometimesarranged outside also. 

We alwaysendeavour to promote sympathy, fellow feeling and unity in their minds. Theimportance of being kind to animals and preserving the environment is alsoemphasized. So is the need to help the aged, sick, poor and disabled.


Webelieve from our heart and act as a large family so incidences of cast orreligion based discrimination does not develop in the minds of the children.But we do keep a vigil on that.


Webelieve that to bring up a responsible citizen of India, it is necessary todevelop this sense of responsibility right from childhood. To generate a senseof responsibility we encourage all the children of our ashram in participativemanagement depending upon their age and ability.


However,we make sure that the children are happy and proud of their responsibilitiesand do not consider it as a burden.


  ii.    The Child CareInstitute (CCI) :

Itis indeed a great honour for us that amongst many NGOs of Purba Medinipur, wehave been selected by The Women & Child Development and Social WelfareDepartment, Government of West Bengal and granted registration on 28.12.17 as aChild Care Institution named Snehachhaya in Paunsi, Purba Medinipur, forrunning a children’s home for 50 girls. Subsequent to that, Antyodoy AnathAshram was granted renewal of registration on 29.03.19 valid till 25.06.2023. (Copiesof the registration certificates.

·        Till date, 159 girlswere taken care of by us, out of which 104 have been successfully rehabilitatedat their respective places after counselling as well as other supportivemeasures


 iii.    Crèche services :


·        In 2006, we wereselected by the Directorate of ICDS scheme, Government of West Bengal (underthe Rajiv Gandhi National Creche Scheme) to run crèche centres for providingshelter to babies (age group 1 to 6) of the working mothers hailing from theimpoverished populace.


·        Presently, we arerunning six (6) such crèches taking care of 156 babies under the supervision of specially trained caregivers, providingoptimum care and attention.

 iv.       PrimarySchool :


·        Necessity of aprimary school was a long felt one in this part of the Medinipur district.


·        Like many other noblemissions, here also we took the right initiative and set up a nursery schoolfor the infants of the entire locality. The school that started in 1995, gotupgraded to a primary school in the year 2006.


·        Till date 2200 have studied in the school before successfully stepping ahead tosecondary/higher secondary schools for further studies.


·        Presently, 220students are studying here, out of which some are from our orphanage whileothers are from the adjoining localities.





v.       Healthcare services for the children :


Understanding the importance ofhealth care services for the children of the local villages, we have initiatedthe under mentioned steps,

·     In association withthe rural health centres, we have made it a practice that kids of the locality,without exception, are administered all types of vaccinations at theappropriate time and schedule.


·     Jointly with theGovernment health centres, we try our best to ensure that the kids/children ofthe area get the necessary medical supports as and when required.


·     With spontaneoussupport from the renowned doctors of Kolkata and other areas of the state, weorganize regular health check up for the children.



vi.       Healthcamps & eye camps for the aged & ailing persons of the area :


·     With activecooperation from renowned hospitals e.g Mission Hospital, Durgapur, PriyojonHospital, Kolkata etc., we are successfully organizing health camps periodically,for the helpless rural people free of cost. In these camps, we also carry outtests like Blood Pressure checking, ECG, Blood Group determination, Blood Sugartest etc.


·     In most of the cases,medicines are also distributed free among the needy ones.



·     In association withthe eye specialists/various eye care centres, free eye operation camps are alsobeing conducted regularly by us, for the benefit of the aged ones. Spectaclestoo, are distributed free of cost to the local inhabitants.


·     Till date, more than2000 such ophthalmic surgeries have been performed in the area immenselybenefiting the local population 


vii.       Mass-marriageprograms for the economically backward section :


·        Realizing the plight ofthe parents from the economically backward sections, in arranging marriage fortheir grown up daughters, Antyodoy Anath Ashram, in association with AnondolokHospital, Kolkata, has taken positive initiatives (2006 onwards) for organizingmass marriage programs, free of cost, for the benefit of these people.


·        While theresponsibility of finding grooms lies on the family members of the girls, wecheck the social status/police records of the proposed grooms and their familymembers before finalizing the marriage.



·        We check the bloodgroups of the prospective couples too, for any mismatch, whatsoever, whichmight cause problems afterwards (e.g. thalassemia).


·        It gives a truefeeling of satisfaction when we see that even with our limited resources, wecould bring smile in the faces of 156 girls since we started the mission.


viii.       Extendinghelp during natural calamities :


As Purba Medinipur is locatedvery close to the Bay of Bengal, the area is quite vulnerable to naturalcalamities like flood, cyclone etc. the impact of which are truly devastatingcausing huge predicament for the residents of the area.


Amidst such crises, AntyodoyAnath Ashram always extend much needed support to the victims of the disasterby,


·        Opening reliefcentres for giving shelter to the devastated ones

·        Preparing/distributingfood from community kitchens

·        Providing clothing,garments, blankets & bedspreads

·        Arranging healthcheck up/medicines for the sick ones etc.



ix.   Distributionof clothing, books etc. free of cost :


It is indeed a great fortune forus that we are associated with many philanthropic organizations of our country andabroad, who always respond to our calls whenever there is a need for theirsupport. They also instill courage and confidence in us during the testingtimes.


·        Daaybaddho,alokebortika, somobeto, sujan, kundu foundation, Nimta atmojonetc. are some ofsuch organizations, with whom we have developed a deep rooted bonding over theyears, taking us from strength to strength. 


·        With active supportfrom them, we have distributed various items needed by the destitute time andagain, providing their day to day needs that include clothing, bedspreads,woolen garments/blankets, umbrellas, rain coats, torch lights etc. to name afew. It is needless to mention that all these materials are given absolutelyfree.


·        Similarly, with thehelp from the Book sellers & Publishers guild/Kolkata, we distribute booksand all other educational items free of cost to the students of all age groupsof the area.


x.           Handholding of the deserving students for higher education :


·        It is extremelyunfortunate that their academic brilliance notwithstanding, many brightstudents from the rural areas of Purba Medinipur are unable to pursue highereducation just for want of money. This is a colossal waste of talent and indeeda huge national loss of potential.


·        To find a plausiblesolution in this regard,Antyodoy Anath Ashram, using all its connections withvarious donor groups, bodies and even individuals, relentlessly tries to createa link between the two.


·        It gives us realpleasure to see that with this endeavour of ours, a good number of meritoriousstudents of this area, are successfully pursuing higher studies in goodacademic institutions.                

xi.           Eradicationof illiteracy in the area :

Illiteracyis a bane and understandably, its impact in the rural areas is more critical asit negates the possibilities of enhancing the earning potential of thevillagers, affecting their standard of living. Availability of essentialservices like health, education, infrastructure etc. in the rural areas alsogets affected because of the same.


·        It is a declaredmission of Antyodoy Anath Ashram to eradicate the curse of illiteracy in thearea to the extent possible.


·        There are variousphilanthropic organizations, which have joined hands with Antyodoy to fightagainst illiteracy together.




·        Anudeep Foundation, UtkarshoBangla, Ann Foundation, USA are some of the groups extending helping hand toAntyodoy in this mission.

xii.           Celebrationof festivals :

Festivalsare of great importance in strengthening the bonding among differentcross-section of people as well as reinforcing the social fabric. It is of moreimportance in the rural areas, where other avenues of recreation is generallyless as compared to the metropolis.

Appreciatingthe significance of the above, Antyodoy Anath Ashram voluntarily accepted thelead role in celebrating all important festivals of our society.

Infact, the local population perpetually looks at the ashram for leading from thefront during the festivals.

Celebrationof Durga Puja, X-mas, Independence day, Republic day, New year,  Birth day of the great personalities etc.have virtually become a part of life of the inhabitants of this area, wherespontaneous initiatives taken by Antyodoy Anath Ashram deserves specialmention. 

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