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Our Activities 


A. Custodial Care

The residentialsupport center with multidimensional attributes is established at the placidvillage of Paushi, in the district Purba Medinipur of West Bengal away from thedin and bustles of the city life.

The functionaries ofthe center play an instrumental role in healing the blistering emotional woundsof these little angelic boys and girls by showering their unplumbed solicitudeupon them. In a spontaneous and effortless style she crystallized an indelibleemotional bond with these blooming buds. Under their affectionate tutelage themental development of the children got shepherded in the right direction. Apartfrom we extend all sorts of corporeal support to them including food, clothing,and residential refuge along with medical care.

B. Primary Education

We are running aprimary school, where the children do get the opportunity to read up to classIV, under our guidance. This primary school is open for the inmates of ourorphanage as well as for the little children hailing from the adjoiningvillages. The children are being dealt with utmost attention and sincereefforts are being made to incorporate elementary educational skills among thestudents.

C. Support toSecondary Education

After the completionof the primary education, we orchestrate the admission of the children intoBoys & Girls High School for facilitating the furtherance of theireducation. The expenses pertaining to their education is being borne by us.

In this context itdeserves mention that SEVA --- a highly scrupulous NGO has adopted a munificentapproach and is continually extending a significant support towards ouraltruistic venture. They are supplying books to all the girl students of ourhome, from class VIII till they pass Secondary and Higher SecondaryExaminations.

D. Culture &Sports

To ensure thecultural catharsis from their inner psyche, we have been organizing variouscultural events, like music-competition, dance-drama and recitation program forthem. The wondrous talent of these children got vividly evinced through theseevents and triggered a feeling of amazement among the target-audience.

We have arrangedphysical education and sports program for the children so that they can acquirephysical fitness, agility, vigor and vim. Indigenous Health-foods and drinksare being administered for the children regularly, according to theprescription issued by the physical-instructors.



A. Eye Care Program:

This altruisticmission of immense significance is being carried by us under the technicalsupport of Rotary Club of Howrah. The seamless implementation of this programby experienced and efficient ophthalmologists vividly reflects our unstinted commitmentand unbridled passion towards a salutary socio-medical cause of paramountsignificance.

In each of the campsorganized by us incisive screening was executed. The screening made it possiblefor us to detect the patients with different problems. Accordingly differentneed-based strategies were enumerated by our optometrists and ophthalmologists,to de-escalate the problems of these hapless poverty-stricken patients.

1.    The individuals withcataract were dealt with utmost care, concern and solicitude. We haveorchestrated surgical operations for indigent patients thus facilitating theremoval of their cataract.

2.    Spectacles withaccurate power were prescribed for the patients with refractive error. We havemade them furnished with appropriate spectacles.

3.    Effective medicinalinputs were prescribed for the patients who are suffering from ocular problems,other than cataract and refractive errors.

B. Health CareProgram:

Within our mission aswell as within the ambit of the adjoining villages, we are executing HealthCare Program for alleviating the disease of the indigent villagers. Apart fromadministering medicinal inputs, we are suggesting indigenous health-promotionalmeasures that can play an instrumental role in improving the general health ofthe beneficiaries.

C. Ambulance:

On February 2007, anambulance was given to us by District Health and Family Welfare Association ofPurba Medinipur District. This ambulance is being judiciously deployed by us toshepherd the seriously ill patients towards the hospitals and heath centers forinstitutional care.

D. Relief to theDisabled:

In the past years,under the patronage of the value-driven N.G.O SEVA we have distributed 15 wheelchairs to the physically disabled individuals. This is our humble contributiontowards them for facilitating their operational mobility.

F. Relief to thevictims of Disaster:

Our operational areais very close to Bay of Bengal and vulnerable to natural disaster. Hence incase of natural catastrophe, disastrous impact is exerted upon the adjoiningvillages. Their life gets jeopardized under the influence of naturaldevastation. Amidst such crisis we extend hands of cooperation to the disasteraffected villagers. At the direction of the Panchayat, we often take care ofmany refuge centers, and provide food to the victims of natural disasterthrough community kitchen managed by us.

G. Crèche Program:

Under the Rajiv Gandhi National Crèche Scheme, we are keeping 25 babies (age group 1-6 years) of the working mothers hailing from impoverished populace. Under the supervision of specially trained caregivers the babies are being nurtured with optimum care affection and solicitude

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