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Appeal for Sponsorship 


We express our deep sense of gratitude to all those contributors and sympathizers who by their donations help us to run the Anath Ashram smoothly. As you are aware that due to rise in prices of every goods and also due to increase in the number of orphan children, the expenses are rising for almost on every item every month. With the result shopkeepers /vendors are insisting for regular payment every month or else at times they are stopping our supply of food stuff etc. Shopkeepers /suppliers are insisting for regular payment every month, which we are unable to make.

            Keeping in view the above constrain, we have been advised by some kind donors to evolve a scheme of sponsorship of the children. Under this scheme if the donor who wishes to sponsor one or two children will make the contribution of equivalent amount monthly on regular basis. In this process we in the Anath Ashram would come to know about the fixed amount that we would receive from the donors every month. We would then be able to work out our expenses every month accordingly. After careful consideration we have decided to fix Rs 1000/- (Rs. One thousand only) per month in respect of each orphan child to meet his food and other expenses toward school and other activities.

            We will therefore request you is kindly sponsor as many children as possible and make an equivalent payment every months @Rs.1000/-per child per month toward the above scheme. In this way we will come to know the total amount that we will receive every month and will work out our expenses and tide over our difficulties accordingly.

            Please respond us as early as possible as to how many children you will be kind enough to sponsor so that we can make this scheme successful.                  


With Regard,

Balaram Karan


Antyodoy Anath Ashram

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